Board Nomination & Remuneration Committees

Benchmark your practices
and identify potential profiles
for your board.

Board secretaries and Committee Chairmen have access to a daily
updated overview of their boards data and ratios and
comparison with their companies peers.

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  • Board of Directors (Free)

    Who is the current CEO? Chairman?
    Who sits on the company’s Board of Directors?
    The only online source with guaranteed
    up-to-date information monitored daily
    by governance experts.

  • Board Member profiles

    Individual data :
    Age? Nationality? Tenure?
    Other current directorships?

    Benchmark and rank Instantly your board with its peers
    according to their diversity ratios.

  • Directorship status and committees

    Individual Data :
    Independent? Non Independent? Voting? Non Voting?
    Board Committee Memberships ?

    Benchmark and Rank Instantly your board with its peers
    according to its independence and employees representation.

    Check compliance to local regulations on Audit function
    and comply with soft law recommendations in case of combined roles.

  • Executive Management profiles

    Individual Data :
    Who are they? Age? Nationalities? Tenure?

    Benchmark and rank Instantly your executive committee with its peers
    according to its diversity ratios.

  • CEO Compensation

    Individual data :
    Access to total compensation : fixed (Fixed Salary, Director’s Fees)
    and variable performance based (Variable Remuneration,
    Performance Shares, Free Shares, Stock-Options).
    Benchmark and rank your CEO compensation in total and
    by components with peers, in order to design the most appropriate
    package regarding your country and industry.

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