Weekly Governance Ratio 12/27/2019

*83 listed companies of the following indices: ASX (Australia), ATX (Austra), BEL 20 (Belgium), TSX 60 (Canada), PX (Czech Republic), OMXC 20 (Denmark), OMX Helsinki (Finland), SBF 120 (France), HDAX (Germany), HSI (Hong Kong), BSE (India), FTSE MIB (Italy), ISEQ 20 (Ireland), NIKKEI (Japan), AEX (Netherlands), OBX (Norway), WIG 20 (Poland), PSI 20 (Portugal), IBEX 35 (Spain), OMXS 30 (Sweden), SMI (Switzerland), FTSE 100 (UK), S&P (USA), STOXX Europe 600. 
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