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Only 1% of HDAX companies integrated quantified E-Climate objectives in their CEO's Annual Variable Compensation Policy
35.3% of the SBF120 companies having held their 2021 AGM have at least 1 Say on Pay resolution with <80% approval rate
43% of the FTSE100 CEOs are extranationals
2/3 of the SBF120 new CEOs in the last 12 months were internal successors
37.5% of CAC 40 CEO resignations in the last 12 months under pressure
42 : Number of CEO transitions in Stoxx Europe 600 companies in 2019; 2 times less than in 2019
Only 22% of EuroStoxx 50 companies have declared Climate/Environment skills in their Boards
0%-75% : Min - Max Women's Representation on the Boards of AGEFI-Ethics & Boards Asset Management Index companies
International Women's Day : 33.3% Women's Representation on the Executive Committees of 8 FTSE 100 companies with Woman CEOs 23% average of other FTSE 100 companies
ecoDa's Response to the European Commission Consultation on Sustainable Corporate Governance
ecoDa agrees on the overarching goal of the European Commission to promote sustainable value creation by companies. As a general statement, we welcome all the remarkable work done by the European Commission and the leadership role it plays at the international level to promote sustainable finance and fair competition. The Action Plan on Sustainable Finance has already materialized through important legislative pieces which reinforce the trends observed recently. The engagement of financial actors is creating systemic changes. All these texts, whether they deal with taxonomy or institutional investors' and asset managers' duties, are ultimately impacting company strategy and the operating methods of boards of directors.
Webinar: Féminisation des instances dirigeantes et performance 8 mars 2021
10.3% of the E&B Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology* companies have integrated Sustainability criteria in their CEO's Annual Variable Compensation Policy
30 is the age of the youngest Director of the E&B Fashion & Luxury* Boards, 88 the age of the eldest
Only 1 out of 20 SMI* companies has declared its 2019 CEO Pay Ratio * Main Swiss stock exchange index
77.5% of CAC40 companies have not declared Climate and/or Sustainable Development skills in their Boards
24% of the Stoxx Europe 600 companies have no woman in their Executive Board / Executive Committee
36% is the Women Representation on the Stoxx Europe 600 Boards; 20% the Women Representation in the Stoxx Europe 600 Executive Committees
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