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Esperluette-outlinePorfolio Governance review and evaluation
  • Board Assessment Radar® visualization tool
  • Governance review on 100+ KPIs
  • Sustainable Governance Score®
  • Report including:
  • 6 analysis pillars:
  • Board Composition & Diversity
  • Board Functioning
  • Committee Composition & Functioning
  • Non-executive Remuneration
  • CEO remuneration ex-ante, ex-post
  • Sustainable Governance
  • Sustainable Governance Score® for a Portfolio
  • Absolute and relative score - compared to market standards, industry sectors and peers
Esperluette-outlineE&B Sustainable Governance Scoring®

Measure a company’s governance maturity beyond law and soft law compliance, in particular how the company governance bodies’ composition and functioning are prepared to strategize and manage Climate and Environmental issues, Social Responsibilities, non-executive and executive compensation policies, and all extra-financial risks.

  • Company data as publicly disclosed
  • 6 pillars, 150+ standardized data points, international scope
  • Rule based methodology: law, softlaw compliance, benchmark with peers, market and E&B standards
  • A consolidated sustainable governance scoring
Esperluette-outlineE&B Online Corporate Governance DataBank
  • Up to 400+ Governance data points
  • Up to 10+ years of history
  • Stock Exchange & ESG indices
  • Indices / panels / customisable portfolio
Esperluette-outlineE&B Online Corporate Governance Data Insight®
  • Portfolio Governance Dashboard® and company dashboard
  • Non-compliance alerts, events, thresholds, real-time evolutions
  • Board Assessment Radar® up to 400+ data points
  • Benchmarks and rankings
  • Indices / panels / customisable portfolio
Esperluette-outlineESG driven product development
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