The Sustainable Governance specialist:
from evaluation to strategy

The Sustainable Governance specialist...


The regulatory and financial environment on the one hand, the image and reputational risks on the other, now require the Company, the Investor and the Stakeholders to move from a defensive approach to a strategically proactive one.

Sustainable Corporate Performance is based on the Governance of Climate and Environmental issues, of Social Responsibilities, of Extra-financial Risks and of Remuneration.

Ethics & Boards helps the Company and Investor to understand and use Sustainable Governance as a tool for diagnosis, analysis and management of its responsible commitment, its transformation and its performance.

Esperluette-outlineIn the media
  • 14/06/22
    Lors de la campagne présidentielle, Emmanuel Macron a promis d’inciter les grands groupes à davantage lier la rémunération de leurs dirigeants à des critères environnementaux. Quelles sont les pratiques actuelles au sein de l’indice phare parisien ? Comment aller plus loin ?
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