About Us

Ethics & Boards is the leading international governance intelligence and monitoring solutions provider.

Our data-driven insights, visualization dashboards, and rankings provide tools for assessing boards (from best practices to risk identification), benchmarking (board composition, functioning and remuneration), measuring shareholder engagement, developing ESG board strategies, and recruiting board members through our talent place.

Ethics & Boards aggregates and converts over 250 data points per company listed on all major stock indices worldwide into structured data, which over the years has allowed us to produce an unrivalled governance databank, presently used by funds, stock exchange operators, listed and non-listed companies, governments, institutions and board members.

Our thought leadership on corporate governance, ESG and directorship issues has made us a reference data and insights provider for international media outlets and governance awards. Ethics & Boards partners namely with the OECD, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, IFA (Institut Français des Administrateurs) and EY (Panorama de la Gouvernance).

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