Weekly Governance Ratios

82,5% of the DAX (40) companies didn't integrate any Sustainability objective in their 2020 CEO LTI Policy
Close to 10% of the SBF 120 2021 AGM Board appointees have a CSR/Sustainability exercise compared with 1% two years ago
21,5% of the STOXX Europe 600 companies still have no woman in their Executive Committee or are with no information disclosed
L'Oréal, 2021 winner of the Grand Prix du Gouvernement d'Entreprise Ethics & Board methodological partner of l'AGEFI
92,5% of CAC 40 companies have published quantified long term Climate objectives
52,5% of CAC40 companies have at least 1 Say on Pay resolution approved <80% during their 2021 AGMs
On average, a DAX 30 Board Member's remuneration per board meeting was 3,8 times that of a CAC 40 Director in 2020
AEX Index CEO's average 2020 Fixed Compensation increased by +7%, whereas it decreased by -17% in the CAC 40
36% of the SBF120 companies have no Board committee in charge of CSR / Sustainability
53% of the FTSE100 companies have no Board Committee in charge of CSR/Sustainability
92% of the HDAX companies have no Board Committee in charge of CSR/Sustainability
62% of the S&P 100 companies have no Board Committee in charge of CSR/Sustainability
SBF120 has 2,5 times more British Directors than FTSE100 has French Directors
The youngest CEO of the Stoxx Europe 600 is 42 years old and the eldest is 76.
-18,6% average 2020 CAC 40 non-executive Director remuneration per board meeting vs 2019
Find here the 2021 edition of the IFA-Ethics & Boards barometer about SBF 120 boards and sustainable governance trends in French firms. Watch the barometer presentation video with Denis Terrien, President of the IFA, and Floriane de Saint Pierre, President of Ethics & Boards.
80% of the E&B Automotive Boards have no Committee in charge of Risks
42% of the S&P 100 Chairs are distinct from CEOs, 38% in 2017
In 2020, CAC 40 Boards held 2 more meetings in average than in 2019
52.5% of the CAC 40 CEOs waived part of their 2020 annual total compensation up to a maximum of 65%
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