Weekly Governance Ratios

36% is the Women Representation on the Stoxx Europe 600 Boards; 20% the Women Representation in the Stoxx Europe 600 Executive Committees
26.1% of the Stoxx Global ESG Leaders companies have a Board Committee in charge of CSR / Sustainability
6.7% of the Stoxx Europe 600 companies have a Woman CEO; 4.4% 2 years ago
40% of the BEL20 companies integrated Sustainbility criteria in their CEO's Annual Variable Compensation Policy
60% of the SBF120 Chairs are distinct from CEOs; 43.3% in 2012
25% of the CAC40 companies have an Executive Leadership member in charge of Sustainability
51.5% of the HDAX Management Board/Executive Board have no Woman member
15 & 2 605 are the 2019 MIN & MAX FTSE100 CEO Pay Ratios
54.5% of extranational Directors in the Swiss companies of the Stoxx Europe 600
36 is the age of the youngest Chair of the S&P100 Boards 90 the age of the eldest
20% of the OBX companies integrated Environmental and/or CSR objectives in their CEO's 2019 Annual Variable Compensation Policy
30,1% of Independent Directors in average on the PSI 20 boards
37,5% of the Eurozone 300 companies have 10% or less women in their Executive Committee
57% of SBF120 companies have at least 1 Board member with 3+ directorships in SBF120
13 German companies are included in the Dow Jones Sstainability World Index, 25 French companies
60% of SBF 120 companies published a Board Skills Matrix in their 2019 annual report
10% of S&P100 companies integrated specific Environmental and/or CSR objectives in their CEO's 2019 Annual Variable Compensation Policy.
1.7 M€ was the 2019 Euro Stoxx 50 CEO average Fixed Compensation
1.35 M€ was the 2019 FTSE MIB CEO average Fixed Compensation
£1.6 M was the 2019 FTSE 100 CEO average Fixed Compensation, i.e. 1,2 M€
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